Superbikes of the Seventies


Dedicated to the celebration, restoration and riding of the great motorcycles from the end of the 1960s to the beginning of the 1990s.

It was a period when performance took on a new meaning, with bikes that could rip up the road at speeds only once dreamt of.

From the launch of Honda’s sublime four-cylinder CB750 and Kawasaki’s screaming two-stroke triple 500cc Mach III at the end of 1969, bikes would never be the same again.

Working for the leading newspapers and magazines of the day, John Nutting tested almost all of the machines that made the period so memorable. He continues to write for classic motorcycle magazines, using a resource of images and documents and providing a rare first-hand glimpse into how – and why – those bikes worked the way they did.

Superbikes of the Seventies offers those who love motorcycles that are unfettered by electronics and rider aids an insight with first-hand reviews, technical analysis, specifications and current owners’ experiences.

Superbikes of the Seventies will be offering downloadable material to help your understanding of what makes these bikes tick.

Picture - Phil Masters



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